Hey there!

I'm Lily - a recent college graduate who loves dogs, wrist watches, and coffee. I am an emerging graphic designer who just received a Bachelor's degree in graphic design at North Carolina State University in May of 2016. I began my studies at N.C.State in the fashion and textile design program with a concentration in textile design. In this program, I was able to develop basic CAD skills to aid in designing and weaving fabric. I was also able to develop a sense of professionalism and presentation skills while working on several company sponsored projects including a marine design challenge with Glen Raven. Additionally, I designed a total of three garments that were juried into the 2012 and 2013 N.C.State Fashion Week fashion shows. I greatly enjoyed the hands-on aspect of this program but wanted to further my design skills. 

After two years of studying textile design, I transferred into the graphic design program and immediately felt right at home. During my time in this program I have had the experience of working on thorough front end development and research as well as a wide variety of projects. There has been a great deal of focus placed on ideating and encouraging creativity during my time in the design school. This has led to successful collaborations with several companies while working on sponsored projects. I feel confident in my ability to collaborate with clients and teammates due to my experiences in the College of Design. The projects that I have worked on have allowed me to take on the role of a brand designer, interaction designer, exhibit designer, and service designer. My studies have encouraged innovative and forward-thinking solutions to the presented design problems. 

I am eager to learn and excited to further develop my skills within the graphic design field as it evolves with the changing technologies.